Children and Youth

I will pour down rain on a thirsty land, showers on the dry ground. I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring and my blessings on your children. They shall spring up like a green tamarisk, like poplars by a flowing stream. —Isaiah 44:3-4

The promise of God's blessings for children has been affirmed down the generations of faith from the time that God first promised to Abraham and Sarah that their offspring would be as numerous as the stars. Jesus not only welcomed the child, but asked everyone to enter into the eternal realm of God's blessings as children. Children are not only invited, but show us the way.

Children have the right to develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and culturally, and to live in conditions of freedom and dignity. Because children are powerless and often live with adults who are poor and have little voice, there is a tendency not to see or hear them. Too often, their basic needs go unfulfilled.

The United Church of Christ has a long tradition of affirming public policies which generate and distribute resources in ways that provide all people, including children, with the potential to live healthy and productive lives. The covenant of God is with all children of our nation and the world, not just with the children who share our church life.  

Justice and Witness Ministries convenes a Children's Table several times each year to gather all staff in the national setting of the denomination whose work connects with issues affecting children.  From this web page you can explore the ways the United Church of Christ is creating programming for and about children and engaging in advocacy on their behalf.

The UCC Justice & Witness Ministries 2012 Message on Public Education is now posted on-line.  Titled, "Why the Conventional Wisdom on School Reform is Wrong and Why the Church Should Care," this annual resource, distributed as the school year begins, takes stock of access to opportunity in America's public schools—civic institutions that are vital for our children and for our communities.  Although in the past we have printed copies and mailed them to all UCC congregations, this year's resource is available only on-line due to fiscal constraints.

UCC Web Page: Child Poverty and Inequality... and Budget Cuts at State and Federal Levels

What is The Situation of Children in this Recession ? 

Important resources

Here are UCC web pages that can help you address children's concerns: