General Synod News

General Synod News

'Make glad' God's dwelling place at General Synod 2017

The 31st General Synod of the United Church of Christ will "make glad" the holy places where God dwells. General Synod 2017 in Baltimore (June 30-July 4) will invite the denomination to re-energize discipleship in service of God's work.

What the UCC General Synod adopted on 'Just Peace in Israel/Palestine'

The United Church of Christ is reaching out to the wider church to answer a number of questions about the actions taken by General Synod 2015 in Cleveland, specifically on the resolution, 'A Call to Take Actions toward a Just Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict'.

Dorhauer charts course for UCC future

As he prepares to take over the reins of the denomination later this summer, the Rev. John Dorhauer shares his strategy for moving the United Church of Christ forward in a new time.

Central Atlantic Conference extends invitation to Baltimore for General Synod 2017

There's plenty in store for the United Church of Christ in Baltimore. That's the site of the denomination's next General Synod in 2017.

Resilient Baltimore youth look forward to Synod 2017 with faith, hope, excitement

Most of the Baltimore youth and young adults visiting General Synod in Cleveland, June 26-30, seemed content to be among themselves on the final day of the conference Tuesday, arriving in the Plenary Hall early for the afternoon session that would include the official announcement that their city will host General Synod 31 in 2017.

General Synod votes to retain current leadership structure

For the time being, the leadership of the United Church of Christ will remain in its current structure.

UCC resolutions address both the heavens and the earth

Two actions taken Tuesday, June 30, by the United Church of Christ General Synod endorsed the need for an outer space environment free of man-made debris while defeating a call encouraging mandatory identification of genetically-engineered foods.

Synod Delegates Urge Transition to Renewable Energy by 2040

Completing their last business item on Tuesday, June 30, General Synod delegates chose the more ambitious timeline for an audacious task: converting the economy from reliance on fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, energy conservation, and energy efficiency. 

'Theological reflections' help keep Synod delegates focused

The Rev. Ivy Beckwith, Faith Formation Ministries team leader in Local Church Ministries, was responsible for recruiting individuals for "the most intimidating job" at General Synod.

UCC votes for divestment, boycott of companies that profit from occupation of Palestinian territories

The General Synod of the United Church of Christ became the latest church to call for divestment and boycott of companies that are complicit in the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.