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The Natural Born Loser
March 28, 2014
When light and darkness square off in the ring, darkness loses every time.

Stop Listening to the People
March 27, 2014
At least every now and then, the effective pastor, teacher, parent, principal, president does not tell people what they want to hear, but what they need to hear.

You're Not Wrong, Walter…
March 26, 2014
To be a member of a church means living in beloved community with people who drive us up a wall.

I Have Winter-ism
March 25, 2014
Why not treat winter with respect?

"Like a Rock"
March 24, 2014
Long before Like a Rock was a popular Bob Seeger song, and later the theme for a macho Chevy truck commercial, it was a phrase used in the Bible to describe God.

He or She, or a little bit of each?
March 23, 2014
Every time I write a Daily Devo in which I use a female pronoun for God, I invoke the ire of a certain cross-section of readers, folks who believe that God should only and ever be referenced as He.

Christians are Joyful Sinners
March 22, 2014
In confession, we rely not on our own goodness, but on God’s forgiveness. 

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