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Supersizing Spoils the Small Surprise
April 11, 2014
Sometimes being given too much spoils us for smaller things.

A Cinderella Story
April 10, 2014
I hear folks say that the churches are dying, and lamenting our loss of influence and prestige in the larger culture. That's one way to look at it . . .

Atheists Among Us
April 9, 2014
There's an atheist who comes to our church regularly.

The One Who Stands By Our Side
April 8, 2014
Through the gift of the Holy Spirit we have Jesus' continued presence at our side always.

April 7, 2014
I remember watching the sun come up over the hills of southern Indiana on the last morning of church camp.

Lazarus Isn't Easter
April 6, 2014
We all undergo many deaths before we're finally raised to the life that lasts.

Knowing and Understanding
April 5, 2014
People often make the mistake of assuming that just because something is read, it is comprehended.  A literal knowledge of something is one thing; an understanding of something is much deeper.

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