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August 29, 2014
We might not identify confession and forgiveness as the way to a grateful, loving heart but that's how Jesus splains it.

Hot Air
August 28, 2014
When terrible things happen to people we care about, as a Christian I can learn how to treat them by reflecting on where Bildad went wrong: he opened his mouth and started talking.

"We'll join the everlasting song . . . "
August 27, 2014
I grew up singing in church choirs and it was there, in the words of the songs, that I learned most of what I know about the Christian faith.

Death Pros
August 26, 2014
The last time someone in your family died, did you call in the professionals? Did you ask someone to remove the body quickly and do whatever is standard with it?

Do This in Remembrance
August 25, 2014
Last month I came across a little notebook with grease-splattered pages about the size of large index cards. On each card is a recipe, written in my mother's warm, yet tidy, handwriting.

August 24, 2014
The most controversial subject in my congregation is the announcements, seconded only by joys and concerns.

A Finger Can Block Out the Sun
August 23, 2014
Obviously one small finger cannot block out the light of the sun for the whole world. But if you hold your own finger up at just the right angle, you can block out the sun from your field of vision.

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