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Vacationing from Vacation
August 10, 2014
Vacation means to vacate, to empty the place where we were to be in another place. Vacation is one of the last few islands available for reflection now that so much life is taken up with reactivity.

Think Like a Woman
August 9, 2014
Perhaps we could arrive at more authentic solutions to our problems if we encouraged women to think like women.

Out of the House
August 8, 2014
'They have no wine.' That's all Mary says to Jesus after noticing the newlyweds' embarrassment. Could she be more indirect?

Piously Annoyed
August 7, 2014
Years ago I walked through Chicago's Field Museum with a childhood friend.

Attraction, Not Promotion
August 6, 2014
People in the recovery community often talk about the concept of 'attraction rather than promotion'.

Staring Problem
August 5, 2014
Whether the illness is physical, spiritual, or societal, the remedy always starts with a willingness to look; to observe and examine our wounds, our privilege, our apathy.

August 4, 2014
In the Academy-award winning movie, Marty, Ernest Borgnine plays a homely butcher who lives in Brooklyn.

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