Emmaus Homes, Inc. (Marthasville & St. Charles)

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Contact for Summer Mission Camp Program (Marthasville location):
  Dennis Kramme
  Phone:  636-299-1983
  Email:  krammed@emmaushomes.org

Contact for all other volunteer opportunities:
  Chris Adams, Director of Volunteer & Foundation Operations 
  Phone:  636.534.5218
  Fax:    636.947.1336
  Email:  adamsc@emmaushomes.org
  Web site:

Marthasville Campus
11900 Emmaus Drive
Marthasville, MO 63357

St. Charles Campus
2200 Randolph Street
St. Charles, MO 63301

Emmaus Homes provides home and programming for individuals with developmental disabilities based on their unique needs and goals.

Project/Focus: Yard work, painting, carpentry, cleaning, filing, and assistance in recreational and educational programs. Experience relationships with persons with developmental disabilities.

Educational/Advocacy Components: Throughout the stay, opportunities are offered for individuals to work in the Senior/Recreation Program. This is an opportunity to work directly with residents under staff supervision.

Time: All seasons

Group Size: Maximum 25

Minimum Age: 12+ years

Adult to Youth Ratio:  1:5.  (Requested ratio of 1:3 if group is composed of youth ages 12-15).

Accommodations: Group housing for a maximum of 25 available on campus.  Bring your own bed sheet, blanket, bath towel, personal hygiene supplies, and food supplies.  Emmaus will provide a large fully equipped kitchen and dining room for you to prepare and share meals, and a small kitchenette to store your snack food.  Mission campers work half-day with physical labor projects and half-day with Emmaus residents in a wide range of programs.  Campers may spend evening hours in recreational activities of their choice with residents or with their own group (we offer on site fishing, a paddle boat, hiking, field games, or you may go to a local YMCA swimming pool).  Evening Vesper service may be lead by our Mission Camp Coordinator or by your group leader in the chapel or at the campfire site.

Cost: Donation requested to offset the cost of utilities.


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Harvest of Hope (MO Sites)

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See listing for National Headquarters under Virginia.

Contact: Mark Shrader, Missouri HRA
E-mail:  hramo@ENDHUNGER.org
Phone:  800.333.4597 or 314.522.9129
website:  www.endhunger.org

Harvest of Hope: is a national gleaning network that educates participants concerning the domestic and global hunger problem with the encouragement to make a lifelong commitment to being part of the solution.

Projects/Focus:  Participants glean nutritious produce from farmers’ fields and orchards after harvest.  This food, instead of being left behind to rot, is delivered to those in need through programs such as local food banks and soup kitchens.  Harvest of Hope is a national gleaning network.

See national office listing in Virginia for more information.


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Urban Mission Experience (St. Louis)


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Contact: Sue Kupfer, Executive Director
  2911 McNair Ave.
  St. Louis, MO  63118
  Phone: 314.517.0164

The goals of the Urban Mission Experience are to financially support urban churches, introduce mission trip visitors to some of the best mission agencies in the St. Louis area and live out Micah 6:8.

Project/Focus:  Groups work with several non-profit agencies in the St. Louis metropolitan area.  Work may include sorting donations, stocking shelves, bagging groceries, cleaning facilities or assisting neighbors, working in a children’s summer program, painting and yard service.  Activities can be tailored according to group interests and staff availability.  Groups get an overview of many ways the church is active in mission here.

Educational/Advocacy Components: The "Urban Encounter" program is designed with three components:  1) service work, 2) reflection on the experience, and 3) rest and recreation.  Groups should plan to work 4-5 hours per day at each mission site.  Trained facilitators are available one evening to help youth reflect on issues of poverty and social justice.  Interaction with local youth groupsis a potential part of this program.  Local recreational opportunities include swimming, major and minor league baseball games, St. Louis Arch, Six Flags, St. Louis Zoo, Grant's Farm, City Museum and many special interest museums.

Time: Weeklong "Urban Encounter" mission trips may be scheduled from late May through August.  Trips of less than a full week and trip September through May are also available.  Call for availability.

Group Size:   Maximum number 40

Minimum Age: Minimum age is sixth grade.

Adult to Youth Ratio:  1:5

Accommodations: Housing is provided in a UCC Church.  Sleeping rooms are air-conditioned.  Bring sleeping bags and air mattresses.  Groups may use church kitchen for meal preparation.  Showers are available at nearby recreational center.

Cost: $200 non-refundable deposit per group is required with reservation.  Suggested donation for housing is $25 per person per night for weeklong "Urban encounter" mission events.


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Urban Mission Inn (St. Louis)


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Contact: Rev. Meredith Jackson
  Union Avenue Christian (DOC)
  733 Union Blvd.
  St. Louis, MO  63108
E-mail:  urbanmissioninn@gmail.com

Phone: 314.361.8844
Fax:  314.361.3036
Website:  www.union-avenue.org/outreach/urban-mission-inn

Urban Mission Inn is part of the Union Avenue Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  The church describes itself as a faith community growing in the treasures of justice, stewardship, artistic expression and hospitality.  

Project/Focus:  The Urban Mission Inn offers a variety of possible inner-city volunteer opportunities including work with children, indigent seniors, soup kitchens, community gardens, homeless shelters, food delivery programs, food pantries, and more.  Work projects are tailored to the needs and gifts of each group and are designed to allow groups to interact with a variety of issues around urban mission. We plan 3-4 days of service opportunities for each group. Groups are responsible for their own food and transportation.

Educational/Advocacy Components: Group leaders responsible for own programming and staff are available for check ins and discussions. Advance materials are provided to prepare you for your trip. Our summer interns often serve along side groups and are available to lead discussions and devotions.

Time: Year-round

Group Size:   Up to 30

Minimum Age:  13 years.

Adult to Youth Ratio:  1:7

Accommodations: Air-conditioned sleeping rooms, bunk beds, air mattresses, on-site showers, meeting space with pool table and games, full kitchen with space for cooking and storing food.

Cost: $15 per person (regardless of length of stay). A $100 deposit is requested to hold the date.


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Neighborhood Houses (St. Louis)


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  See video available from the Twin Maps project!

: Kathy McCadden, Development Specialist
  326 S. 21st Street, Suite 301
  St. Louis, MO 63103
  Phone: 314.383.1733 ext. 17
  Fax: 314.361.6873
  Web site: www.neighborhoodhouses.org
  YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFa27PotDrzI-KFTM74RYtQ 

Neighborhood Houses has served families in St. Louis for 100 years and counting.  Quality programs and compassion strengthen children, families and communities.  Neighborhood House's continuum of care includes a Teen Moms' program(Girls Night Out), an Early Childhood Education program at Caroline Mission (6 weeks through 5 years) and an after school program held in thirteen public elementary schools.

Project/Focus: Work projects at Caroline Mission may include painting, cleaning and yard work or assisting in one of the classrooms.  Volunteers assisting in the After School Program will help with distributing the evening snack or meal, provide homework help for the students, and support the site manager in th execution of the planned curriculum.  Work groups assisting with Girls' Night Out will help with childcare while the mothers attend Girls' Night Out.

Educational/Advocacy Components: Groups can choose to work on various activities directly with the children in Neighborhood Houses' programs.

Time: Year-round. Contact office to arrange time and schedule.  

Group Size: 25–30 per group.

Minimum Age: 13 years (with adult supervision)

Accommodations: Housing options list available on request. Groups provide their own food.

Cost: None.

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 Shannondale Community Center (Salem)


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Contact: Jeff R. Fulk
  HC 62, Box 340
  Salem, MO 65560
  Phone: 573.858.3284
  Fax:  573.858.3263
  Web site:
Project/Focus:  Carpentry, plumbing, painting, electrical, and yard cleanup on the site of the Shannondale Community Center.  Projects also can be arranged for the improvement of the local community.  The group is expected to provide the material to be used. Some general tools are provided by the Center.

Educational/Advocacy Components:  Group leaders provide own programming.

Time: Spring, summer, fall.  Registration is necessary.

Group Size: 40 persons per group.

Minimum Age: None.  Older persons also welcome.

Adult to Youth Ratio:  Senior high youth – 1:6; Junior high youth - 1:5. Adult leaders should have necessary construction skills so that the limited staff of Shannondale can provide direction but not direct supervision of the work site.

Accommodations: Groups provide own bedding.  Cooking facilities are available. Groups provide their own meals. Shannondale will prepare meals for groups of 25 or more. We are located near the Ozarks National Scenic Riverways Park. Float trips, retreat resources, adventure education, hayrides, and orienteering can be arranged for groups.

Cost:  $16 per person per day if not a work group.  Work groups $14 per person per day.  Work materials extra.


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Fuller Center for Housing (Kansas City)

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Contact: Sharon Tarver, Registrar for U.S. Builds
               701 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
               Americus, GA  31917
E-Mail:     starver@fullercenter.org
Phone:     229.294.2900    *Fax:  229.924.2901
Website:  http://fullercenterkc.org
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/fullercenterGKC
Register on-line:  http://fullercenter.org/usbuildteams/register?q=student-builders/builder-teams/register

The Fuller Center for Housing faith-driven and Christ-centered, promotes collaborative and innovative partnerships with individuals and organizations in an unrelenting quest to provide adequate shelter for all people in need worldwide.

Projects/Focus: Building new and repairing existing homes working with families in need.  The exact projects will be determined close to group arrival and based upon the progress of previous accomplishments of our volunteers and available resources.

Educational/Advocacy Components: Each group will receive an orientation about the community they will be serving.  This will include a discussion about poverty housing in the area, and the economic benefit of our “hand up-not a handout” approach and how this builds a Fund for Humanity, recycling homeowner payments to serve other people in need in the community.  Churches  do mission work by empowering the people they serve.

Time:  Spring, (March is the best month)  Monday - Saturday

Group Size:  6-14

Minimum Age: 18+ years. 

Accommodations:  Options range from dorm-like facilities (bedrooms with community restroom) to hosting in homes of church famililes.  Food.  Most lunches and dinners will be provided, but some meals may be "on the town" at participants' own expense.  Teams will prepare thier own breakfast. 

Cost:  $160 pre person


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Contact Info

Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Team Leader, Global Sharing of Resources
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115