Back Bay Mission (Biloxi)


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  UCC Volunteer Ministries Twin Maps Project visits Back Bay Mission, Biloxi, MS.  Other sites in this video include: Camp Courageous, Monticello, IA; Rockford Work Camp, Rockford, IL and Urban Spirit, Louisville, KY.


Contact: Craig Steenkamp
   1012 Division Street
   Biloxi, MS 39530
Phone: 228.432.0301
Fax: 228.374.2922
Web site:

Back Bay Mission is a community ministry of the United Church of Christ, serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the wider church community by faithful witness for social justice and compassionate service to the poor and marginalized.  Back Bay Mission combines advocacy for justice alongside the direct services for those who experience injustice daily.

Project/Focus:  This program is one of Back Bay Mission's trademarks within the United Church of Christ.  Back Bay Mission has developed a highly successful style of work camping based on experiential learning.  While the "work" in work camping has become more intense and the term "housing recovery" more appropriate since Hurricane Katrina, BBM's model of work camping is more in demand than ever.  It places equal emphasis on productivity (home rehabilitation or construction) and learning, using an action-reflection model.  This powerful method helps people internalize their learning at the same time they build cohesive caring groups.  From serving approximately 20 work teams per years before 2005, the program since Hurricane Katrina in 2005 has grown to hosting 40 teams as the Mission, along with many other organizations, responds to the overwhelming need for housing restoration.  Work teams will perform ALL aspects of home building/remodeling.  All work campers also have the opportunity for service in the food pantry and in the New Micah Day Center for the homeless population.  When the Mission selects a home to restore, it commits to completing the project.  The effort frequently requires many weeks' work by several different work teams.

Educational Components: Back Bay Mission staff provide education regarding issues on poverty, affordable housing and justice issues in disaster recovery, along with the church's role in enacting social change.  The Community Empowerment ministry of Back Bay Mission serves the local and wider communities and initiates fundamental systemic change through grassroots community organizing and advocacy.  

Minimum Age:  14 years 

Adult to Youth Ratio:  1:5 Groups are asked to include adults skilled in home repair. 

Conditions: Lodging and mattresses provided.  Group must bring own bedding. Group must provide food and prepare own meals.

Cost: $75 per participant per week plus $200 reservation fee per group.  A $50 per person material cost fee has been implemented on all work campers.  Please see Back Bay Mission website for more details.

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Harvest of Hope (Jackson)

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Contact:  Jackie Usey, Regional Director
E-mail:  GleanMS@ENDHUNGER.org
Phone:  800.333.4597 or 769.233.0887
Website: www.endhunger.org

Harvest of Hope: is a national gleaning network that educates participants concerning the domestic and global hunger problem with the encouragement to make a lifelong commitment to being part of the solution.

Projects/Focus:  Participants glean nutritious produce from farmers’ fields and orchards after harvest.  This food, instead of being left behind to rot, is delivered to those in need through programs such as local food banks and soup kitchens.  Harvest of Hope is a national gleaning network.

See national office listing in Virginia for more information.


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