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Puerto Rico Disaster Recovery
Volunteer Mission Groups Needed Now

IEUPR camp entrance. 

The new hurricane season officially began on June 1. Right now, Puerto Ricans need our help to rebuild and to get out from under the devastation left by Hurricanes Irma and Maria almost 9 months ago. UCC Disaster Ministries is working in partnership with the Iglesia Evangelica Unida de Puerto Rico (IEUPR) on this recovery mission.

Work teams of up to 20 volunteers each are encouraged to sign up now to help with Hurricane Maria and Irma recovery in Puerto Rico. The first volunteer work group came on June 11. They worked hard, accomplished a great deal, and left satisfied that they had accomplished their part of the mission.

Minimum age: 16 with a parental consent form, and at least one adult for each four youth of each gender. Volunteers will be housed in dorms at the IEUPR church camp and will be using the camp kitchen to prepare meals. The worksites may be up to an hour’s drive away from the camp. Judy and Doug Moore, UCC Partners in Service for Long-Term Disaster Recovery, arrived in Puerto Rico in mid-April and are working with our partner church to prepare for the arrival of volunteer work teams.

Dormitory style volunteer accommodations at the IEUPR. camp. Double mattress arrangement optional.

We need work teams to sign up now! Please contact: uccdisaster.puertorico@gmail.com

The work will involve being exposed to a hot and humid climate, some heavy lifting, and climbing ladders. There is also plenty of work that does not entail climbing up onto roofs. Some groups may be asked to work on the campsite itself. Work may include repairing cement roofs, light carpentry, metal and wood roofing repair, and painting interior ceilings and walls. Most of the work will be done in the Humacao city area, the hardest hit area in Puerto Rico. It is helpful, but not necessary, that work groups have two people knowledgeable in home repair and rebuilding.

"IEUPR churches have already gathered lists of houses needing necessary repairs," said Judy Moore. "At the present time, our list includes more than 80 homes. Most homes need roof repairs and painting. There is a great deal to accomplish, but Doug and I are confident this too shall be done."