Sacred Conversation on Race

Sacred Conversation on Race

Sacred Conversation on Race is a church-wide initiative for United Church of Christ congregations, as we seek to confront the sin of racism in our desire to see the Church live and be as one. To begin, the Resource Guide for Sacred Conversation on Race will help your church to engage this issue of race based on where individuals are, realizing there is work for ALL to do (see the Continuum below).

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To deepen the conversation on how race intersects with many justice issues, the resource series “Race and …” will assist your church in taking the next step of connecting the dots between faith experience, church life and the justice issue at hand.

Sacred Conversation on Race can take many forms e.g. some  take on anti-racism training to get to the heart of how and where they could make a difference in their own attitudes and behaviors. And, there are those who addressed the matter by dealing with White privilege which contributes to the racism experienced by non-White individuals living in the United States.  Our conversations continue!

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Minister for Racial Justice
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