United Church of Christ

OGHS 2019 Travel

OGHS announces its next Global Ministries Educational Travel to Honduras and Guatemala in Central America. Join us on this pilgrimage, where we will have a unique opportunity to visit communities exposed to the phenomenon of migration, from two places of origin.  Our Partners have been working with projects with a real potential to avoid migration and to promote sustainable development.  We will come face-to-face with the root causes of migration, and gain a clear perspective of what has happened in Honduras and Guatemala throughout the years, that trigger the process of people migrating out of their countries.


OGHS and Global Ministries Delegation to Ghana

Our Pilgrimage to Ghana (September 23 - October 3) was very successful. Our group of 12 learned many things about the work of the United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  We met people who work with the projects supported by OGHS and Global Ministries. For more on our 2018 journey, please read our blog:   http://www.ucc.org/oghs_and_gm_delegation_to_ghana.