The following stories are offered for your use to help interpret the work of One Great Hour of Sharing.  Stories are available yearly in our Annual Mission Report. Each story tries to show how dollars help people across a variety of communities, both near and far.

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File South Sudan
The situation in South Sudan constitutes a humanitarian crisis. Over 3 million people are at acute risk of food insecurity. Despite some signs of progress along the way, nine months of peace talks have seen few tangible results.

File Darfur: 10 Years into the Conflict

File Hanging Nets to Prevent Malaria in the DRC
The United Church of Christ is part of IMA WorldHealth, not only providing treated malaria nets in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but also the personal touch of teaching people to hang it properly for optimal effectiveness.

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East Asia and the Pacific

File Surviving a Nuclear Disaster
Terumi Kataoka, Vice Representative of the Aizu Radiation Information Center, shared her words of thanks to everyone who provided assistance in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant disaster in March 2011. She reports that life is going on, but the people still live with fear and anxiety.

File Kids Sell Art to Help the Children of Japan
7 year old Megan Miller encourages Church members to participate in fund-raising efforts to help the children of Japan. Touched by the news of the March 2011 earthquake, young Megan and others respond.

File Fresh Water for Tibetan People
Running water in the home or in the community leads to better sanitation and ultimately better health. The Er ia Qi Village, high in the Tibetan mountains is enjoying both.

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Latin America and the Caribbean

File Oiko Credit Empowers Women

File Economic Prosperity is to Benefit Everyone
n scripture, when God’s will is being done, resources are shared and everyone befits. We see this perhaps most notably through iconic feeding stories such as manna in the wilderness, the miracle of the loaves, and the Last Supper.

File Connecting the dots between Unaccompanied Child Refugees and Mayan Women’s Micro-Credit Project in Guatemala

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Middle East and Europe

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Southern Asia

File Health in India

File OGHS Saves Lives
A group of thirty newly arrived refugees from Myanmar (Burma), Somalia and Iraq surround Crystal Zook as she coordinates a cultual orientation session.

File Mungeli Christian Hospital
Mungeli Christian Hospital and the Mungeli Ramboo School are projects under the care of Global Ministries Mission Personnel Drs. Anil and Theresa Henry.

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United States

File We Will Speak Out
Add your voice to the Call to end Sexual and Gender Based Violence is an global movement started as the result of organizations reporting that 1 in 3 women globally will experience Sexual or Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) in her lifetime, and as many as 1 in 4 American men will experience this violence as well. WeWillSpeakOut is a global coalition with a mission to work at local, national and global levels to raise awareness, care for victims, encourage law enforcement and change our culture of tolerance and inaction.

File Thank You for Your Support

File 5 P's of Welcoming Refugees
Welcoming Refugees is one of the cornerstones of the Refugee and Immigration Ministries of the United Church of Christ. Together with UCC Local Church Members, thousands of refugees have started their new lives with love and kindness.

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