Changes and Deaths
File Clergy Deaths September 2013

Kurtz, Donald W. 8/22/2013
Hillman, William J. 7/25/2013
Day, Jon W. 9/6/2013
Kingsbury, John E. 9/5/2013
Lay, Robert W. 9/13/2013
Ritter, Paul R. 9/11/2013
Moore, Grace J. 9/17/2013
Greenholt, Einar 1/10/2013
De Chant, Edwards S. 9/20/2013
Clark, Lynda A. 9/14/2013
Purdy, Bradford F. 9/23/2013
Schrupp, Clifford C. 9/11/2013
Rhen, Ronald J. 9/23/2013
Ley, Calvin M. 9/21/2013
Korinth, Henry W. 9/24/2013
Clelland, Michael R. 9/6/2013
Griffith, Harvey K. 9/29/2013
Stanley, Alfred K. 9/21/2013
Schwede, Henry A. 9/18/2013

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

File Pastoral Changes July 2013

BECKETT, Katherine Int., to First UCC, Galion, OH 2/1/13
BOHLAND, Adam T. to Zion UCC, Bettsville, OH 6/21/13
DONATO, Dawn Int., to St. John’s UCC, Mansfield, OH 6/1/13
GORKOS, Matthew to Trinity UCC, Spinnerstown, PA 6/16/13
HILLS, James T. Berkeley, CA to Evangelical UCC, Tell City, IN 7/1/13
KELLEY, Ashley Int., to Nu-Vizion UCC, Toledo, OH 5/20/13
MARSHALL, Alexander to Saugatuck, Westport, CT 6/16/13
PELC-FASZCZA, Brenda Int., to Cong., Rocky Hill, CT 6/10/13
SATHER, Daniel Int., to St. John’s UCC, Holgate, OH 6/15/13
SHIELDS, Ryan D. to St. John’s UCC, Genoa, OH 6/21/13
STEELE, Edythe to First, Griswold, CT 6/9/13
VAN DER SWAAGH, Price to Cong., North Branford, CT 6/16/13

Pastoral change information is provided by UCC Local Church Ministries.


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