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General Synod Pronouncements and Resolutions about Economic Justice

Unemployment, low wages, unsafe jobs, globalization, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, taxes (who pays and how much), the right to form a union (and why someone might want to), imports from China and closed factories in the U.S. – these are issues of economic justice. And they are very complicated issues.

But things are a little simpler for people of faith. We measure the economy against one fundamental truth: the earth and all that is in it belong to God (Ps. 24:1). God has blessed us with abundance and God’s vision for every one of God’s people, all 7 billion of us, is to live in the fullness of life. God intends for us to fully share God’s gifts (Exodus 16: 16-18). There is enough for all our needs if we share God’s resources. Each of us can live an abundant life.

As people of faith, before we begin working to change the economic system, we must first discern, as best we can, a vision of God's will for our society and our economy. For many people, this would be a world where no one is poor, homeless, living in substandard housing, or lacking the nutritious food needed for a healthy life. Everyone who wanted a job would have one.

Once we have a vision, we can we begin working to put it in place – by lobbying our elected representatives for the needed legislation, standing with striking workers, resisting unfair international trade and investment agreements, sharing our abundance, ensuring the social safety net is sufficient, and taking other actions to make certain that all God’s children receive a fair share of the resources that God provides for us all.

These are big issues. But we are not alone. God walks with us as we work for justice.

Economic Justice Covenant Program

Is God calling your church to be an Economic Justice Church?

The Economic Justice Covenant Program encourages each congregation and setting of the UCC to engage in a process of discernment and then commit to working for economic justice as an Economic Justice Church (or other Setting).  The Program, the product of a 2009 General Synod resolution, provides

  • resources for worship and personal spiritual practices;
  • guides for exploring your community both within and outside the walls of the church;
  • information on numerous issues of economic justice;
  • a framework for writing a covenant and leading the process of becoming an Economic Justice Church, and
  • suggestions for ways to engage in ministries of economic justice.

See the Economic Justice Covenant Program

Issues of Economic Justice

Staff members of the UCC’s Justice and Witness Ministries educate and advocate around a number of economic issues. You can find links to these in the list below and on the left side of this page.

Justice on the job for all workers, especially low-wage workers
Corporate power and influence
Ending the economic crisis and building a more equitable economy
Globalization, trade and investment treaties
Economics and the Environment
Race, ethnicity, and economic justice
Immigration, Labor Trafficking (modern-day slavery)
Poverty, Inequality of income and wealth
Preserving and strengthening Social Security
Reshaping the federal budget to better meet our needs
Tax Reform
Banking and our Values

Ever wondered, what exactly is economic justice?


Ms. Edith Rasell, Ph.D.
Minister for Economic Justice
700 Prospect Ave.
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