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Grow Your Church

New and Renewing Church Funding (Grants)


The grant process for the United Church of Christ is under construction.

Please pray with us in this very important work! 


After assessing the previous years’ process, the CASA ministries will be convening to redesign the application to be in line with the United Church of Christ’s commitment for a just world for all. We’ll be asking ourselves and our partners: how will the ministries that we fund, for both new and renewing churches, be in line with the mission, vision and purpose of the United Church of Christ? How do we insure that the missional resources of our grant program is funding exceptional ministries that highlight who we are today, and who we want to be, tomorrow? 


After meeting in March with leaders within church plants, conference staff, and national staff across the life of this denomination, the NEW new and renewing grant program's application will be live before the end of May.


The grant will fund into ministries that are aligned within the following values: Love, Spirituality/Faith, Community, Justice, and Creativity. Grants are awarded based on how applicants seek to embody in their ministries these values, as well as the impact from those values within the local community. Ministries that are meant to be sustaining, as well as ministries that are meant to be impactful for a particular time and place are encouraged to apply.


As it has been- the due date for application for a grant for a new church or a renewing church is the first Friday in September, this year: September 1st, 2017.


For more information about the grant revision process, see this article: 

Local Church Ministries Evaluating Selection Process



Check back for more!



Contact Information:

Rev. Chris Davies:,  #216-736-3827, toll free #866-822-8224 ext. 3827
Congregational Assessment, Support and Advancement(CASA),  FAX #216-736-2229

Karen Koza:,  #216-736-3837, toll free #866-822-8224 ext. 3837
Congregational Assessment, Support and Advancement(CASA),  FAX #216-736-2229



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