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Ponder: What has been the most volatile online discussion in which you've been a part? If you could take back one comment you've ever made, what would that comment be?

Pray: Anger erupts from pain, God. We know this. And how do we respond to abrasive comments? We return pain with more pain. Help us to know that our response shouldn't be an eye for an eye or a word for a word. Amen.

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No one really uses the word “maundy” anymore in their daily lives. Which is why today can seem a little murkier than some of the other holy days in Lent.
Emily C. Heath
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April 11, 2014
Dear Theo,
I believe I have a calling to be a minister, preferably in the UCC. I'm only 20 and trying to get into college. I worry about what to do for seminary and how it will affect what I do for my 4 year degree. Where do I begin so I can answer God's call? Thanks so much.

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Magic Eightball

April 20, 2014
Daring to believe such good news!