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Ponder: Rarely does a road end without some kind of warning. Have you ignored any signs recently?

Pray: God of Here and There and Everywhere, Help us to pay attention to your signs that reveal a change is necessary. Help us recognize your signs in the middle of our hectic lives and foggy thinking. Send your Spirit to show us how to get from here to there if the road we are on is ending. Amen.

Written by Sue B. Donnelly, Photo credit: Michelle L. Torigian

Faith, by its very nature, can never stay dead.  Its silence is deafening.  Its absence is a quiet storm. 
Kenneth L. Samuel
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April 11, 2014
Dear Theo,
I believe I have a calling to be a minister, preferably in the UCC. I'm only 20 and trying to get into college. I worry about what to do for seminary and how it will affect what I do for my 4 year degree. Where do I begin so I can answer God's call? Thanks so much.

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Magic Eightball

April 27, 2014
Opening our locked doors and hearts to new life