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Ponder: Have you noticed how sometimes things get worse before they get better? Sometimes the celebrated break-though, the welcome melting, refreezes and we are left to start over. Scraping again and again the same frozen spot.

Pray: Holy God, Melt the ice once and for all in our hearts, our relationships, our sidewalks and from our cars so that we may develop other spiritual gifts and skills besides scraping the same spots over and over. And speaking of melting, please re-freeze the polar ice caps--that is the kind of ice we all need. Amen.

Written by Sue B. Donnelly, Photo credit: Michelle L. Torigian

We had a hard winter here in the Berkshire Hills where I make my home.
Richard L. Floyd
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April 11, 2014
Dear Theo,
I believe I have a calling to be a minister, preferably in the UCC. I'm only 20 and trying to get into college. I worry about what to do for seminary and how it will affect what I do for my 4 year degree. Where do I begin so I can answer God's call? Thanks so much.

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April 27, 2014
Opening our locked doors and hearts to new life