Epiphany and the Sundays After


Exploring Baptism

Epiphany;(from Greek, meaning to show or to manifest) is a feast day of the church's year. Epiphany falls on the last of the twelve days of Christmas. The Gospels for this season all have to do with the manifestation of the identity of Jesus - starting with the wedding at Cana and ending with Transfiguration.

Celebrating God coming to earth in human form, Epiphany reminds us that Jesus comes to the world for all people.  Wrapped up in the idea of ta theophania (The Theophany), as Gregory of Nazianzus noted, is the understanding that "God is With Us."  We are not alone.

Epiphany this year comes at a time of anxiety and hope. Many of us are struggling and are afraid. It's not easy to hope when times are bad. But, hope has come and has been made known to us.  During this part of the liturgical cyle of the church we not only reflect upon Christ's Baptism but what we are called to do, because of our baptism, in the church and in the world.


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