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Another Kind of Closet

Donna Schaper

In Newport, Rhode Island, the local radio station advertises that anybody can come directly to the fire house for free support if addicted or using drugs.


Quinn G. Caldwell

I sort of fell apart during my first semester of college.

We All Have Our Moments

Kenneth Samuel

I totally understand the push to live in the moment. To totally show up in real time is always needful.

How We Heal

Mary Luti

The truth about human beings is that we're broken.

God's Tiny House

Matt Laney

A camel squeezing through the eye of a needle is pure absurdity, something more befitting of Monty Python than Holy Scripture. How do we explain this?

I Hope You're Somewhere Praying

Marchaé Grair

"Praying" has been a healing anthem for me as I struggle to define how or if I can forgive those who have hurt me to my core.


Richard L. Floyd

The received truth in our society is that the strong must prevail over the weak, and the rich must prevail over the poor.

Bad Words

Martha Spong

There has been a lot of airtime given recently to whether particular words are allowable when critiquing public figures.


Kaji Dousa

Have you decided whose fault it was yet?

Asking for Help

Jennifer Brownell

Between work and parenting and caring for a disabled husband, being the protagonist in my life story is sometimes tiring.