Stillspeaking Daily Devotional

The Seven Last Words of the Church

Richard L. Floyd

The church is gathered to hear God's life-giving promises and the Good News of God's great love for us in Jesus Christ.

Jesus on the Journey

Talitha Arnold

Like other federal employees, my friend faces an uncertain future.

He Bought the Flowers Himself

Kaji Douša

He looked for excuses to buy me flowers.

Does God Exist?

Marchaé Grair

I've never been very concerned with trying to prove God exists, especially when those suffering hard times around me want to question God.

Rich as Kings, Poor in Soul?

Molly Baskette

The conundrum: as rich as we've become, our wealth has not eradicated poverty. 

Canonize Yourself

Lillian Daniel

So go ahead. Canonize yourself. You're just claiming what has already been given to you by Jesus, who loves us, as imperfect as we are. 

Learning the Secret

Vicki Kemper

I don't think for a minute that I can do all things, but I am learning to trust the one who can.

Everybody Gets a Trophy

Vince Amlin

One of the favorite critiques of my generation is that we were raised in a culture where "everyone gets a trophy."

We Shall Not Be Moved

Vicki Kemper

If someone told you how to be more effective in your work for a more just and peaceful world, would you do it?

A Culture of Character

Emily C. Heath

There's nothing wrong with being yourself, and being proud about it.

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