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You Get One, Too

Ellivette Mendez Angulo

I have never been a regular talk show aficionado, but I remember my excitement the first time I heard Oprah utter the magical words, "You get one, you get one, you alllllll get one!" on her Annual List of Favorite Things

Gospel Values

Jennifer Brownell

I was excited when I scanned a headline recently indicating that a group of pastors had put out a statement on social justice.

For Free!

Richard L. Floyd

Do we take for granted those things in life that come to us for free?

Whines of the Bible

Molly Baskette

The setting: eight church folks sitting outside on a Northern California patio, drinking a nice chardonnay and reading the book of Exodus. Ambient temperature: 72 degrees.

Roll Call

Vicki Kemper

I don't know what happens when people die, though I've accompanied enough people through the process to believe there is something—and, more important, someone—on the other side of the veil.

Savoring Seasons

Emily C. Heath

In the part of New Hampshire where I live, fall is unfolding, with all of its New England charm.

Practice Your Metaphors

John A. Nelson

Perhaps you have run into the tension between a literal and a non-literal reading of scripture.

Whacking Away the Vultures 

Talitha Arnold

Chapter 15 of Genesis tells an odd story. It also tells the truth. 

Anthem Protests Old and New

Quinn G. Caldwell

I bet you've seen their picture.

Let the Spirit of the Lord Rise