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Marchaé Grair

Sometimes, I struggle to believe in my own worthiness. 

Who Are You Wearing?

Kenneth L. Samuel

Have you noticed that people will often notice what you're wearing before they even notice you?

Your Accent Gives You Away

Matt Laney

I grew up in a small town on the coast of Maine.

Oh, How I Love Jesus

Tony Robinson

I was never really sure I loved Jesus. Or maybe I was never sure what that meant, to say "I love Jesus."

Rules for Radical Sabbathtarians

Donna Schaper

I just returned from a luxurious three month sabbatical, escaping New York's hard winter for North Miami Beach.

Everyday Virtue

Richard L. Floyd

People frequently conflate religion with morality, as if they were the same thing.


Kaji Dousa

I know that it has been a comfort to many to think that God has "taken" the lives of the ones they have loved and lost to death. 

Terrible Signs

Rachel Hackenberg

In Cleveland this past winter, in the middle of February, we enjoyed a full week of spring-like temperatures in the 60s.

The Thing with Feathers

Talitha Arnold

A rooster lives a few houses down from my house in Santa Fe.

Company Policy

Vince Amlin

"I'm sorry. That's against our policy."