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Even Cheaper Grace

Vince Amlin

My old therapist claimed we tend to ask exactly the wrong questions of ourselves.

Of Dirt and Air

Jennifer Brownell

Today is the autumnal equinox.


Donna Schaper

Chartres in France employs a digital light show to express what divinity enters the important cathedral.


Marchaé Grair

Do you ever feel underestimated?

God, Rid Me of God

Matt Laney

Every so often someone will confide this to me: "I'm not sure I believe in God anymore..."

Start With One

Vicki Kemper

Jesus tells the Parable of the Lost Sheep to help us understand how precious we are to God: How the Good Shepherd cannot bear to lose even one beloved one to predators, thieves, lousy judgment, a poor sense of direction, or plain bad luck.

Extinction Behavior

Molly Baskette

Anyone who has ever trained a puppy or raised a child knows the power of consistency in engraining new behaviors or habits in them.

Change Your Mind

Mary Luti

Here's a story about words and deeds.


Tony Robinson

Chances are good that you've heard this verse, or a version of it, prayed before many a sermon.

In Good News and Bad

Emily C. Heath

Earlier this year I had a health scare.