United Church of Christ

Functional Atheism

Molly Baskette

A lot of us claim to believe in God, but then act as if everything depended on us, on our efforts and wisdom, on our ability to keep all the little planets of our concerns in perfect orbit around the great blasting sun of our inner control freak.

Memory Work

Tony Robinson

Psalm 145 is an alphabetic acrostic poem, which means that each verse is keyed to a letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

Once We Were Strangers

Richard L. Floyd

The various summaries of the law in the Bible include strangers as people to be especially cared for.

The Word that Shapes Us

Talitha Arnold

The Connecticut congregation I served for six years used it, so I did, too.


Kaji Douŝa

Most people who pass our church suspect that it is closed.

Out of the Depths

Emily C. Heath

My first call out of seminary was to a children's hospital.

There Will Never be Another Now

Ron Buford

"Don't miss this special time right now."

The Next Generation

Tony Robinson

As we grow older, what's our job?

The Sinai Sabbatical

Matt Laney

Rev. Moses was gone a long time on his Mt. Sinai sabbatical, and the church got impatient.


Vince Amlin

I was walking with my friend Quinn in an unfamiliar city.