United Church of Christ

Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministry

The Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries (CYYAM) advocates, communicates, coordinates, and networks on behalf of youth and young adults of the United Church of Christ (UCC).

The 1985 General Synod established a task force of youth and young adults. In 1987 the UCC by-laws were changed and CYYAM - the Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries - was formed. CYYAM has been present and has sponsored referenda at almost every General Synod since.

CYYAM members work together and with other church leaders to establish strong youth and young adult ministries throughout the UCC by advocating to church leaders, helping make youth and young adult voices heard at General Synod, seeking to address issues of social justice and peace, and serving as a voice for UCC youth and young adults.

We believe:

•    that the whole church needs the vitality and vision of youth and young adults;

•    that youth and young adults are a part of the voice and vitality of the church today;

•    that we should have effective ministry with youth and young adults in a vigorous intellectual faith;

•    that vital ministry is oriented towards local congregations (of many kinds);

•    the future of the UCC depends on the vitality of this ministry;

•    that the UCC needs to be present in life transitions through youth and young adulthood;

•    in justice, love, service, and living out the mission and vision of our denominational faith which embodies continuing testament, extravagant welcome and changing lives;

•    in the youth and young adults of the UCC and our ability to change lives through Christ!

Help us spread the word about CYYAM and share in the work of your council. Contact us at cyyam@ucc.org.