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How’s Your Discontent?

Is Discontent the “Mother of Progress”?

Wherever the River Flows

The prophet Ezekiel’s vision of a new temple was a vision that included a lot of water—water coming out from under the temple door and creating a great river. 

How I Spent My Summer: Sparking Creative Thinking

We’ve had a beautiful summer in northeast Ohio (except, perhaps, for the soggy week of the Thirtieth General Synod).

‘New church’ is as old as vulnerability, forgiveness

Last week, I read that the dean of the Washington National Cathedral is stepping down after just three years as head of the nation’s most iconic Episcopal church. 

A Good Goodbye

Jon Stewart, Dave Letterman, Stephen Colbert –– I'm fascinated with the very public process of saying goodbye undertaken by all three of these late night comedians. 

Music Throwdown

The music of the church is integral to bold voice and spirituality. Bach to Jazz to Rap to World Music to Country to Signing. There is something incredibly progressive and ancient about it all.

Setting the Table of Grace

On Sundays at Church First, we often sing "Come to the Table of Grace" by heart as we take turns receiving Communion around the table in the center of Amistad Chapel, a dramatic worship space of stone, wood and glass. That table is a focal point, whether it’s dressed simply with a lovely candle and cloth or richly decorated to celebrate a cultural heritage, proclaim a witness for justice, express sorrow or joy, or mark the change of each season.

Don’t worry about your life

Last night we had dinner with two of our best friends. When they came to the front door they carried two dozen roses that they bought for us … just because. 

The Spirituality of Crowd Source Funding

What does spiritual readiness have to do with Crowd Source Funding? According to UCC pastor Rob Leveridge, who has run a successful crowd source funding campaign, spiritual readiness is the necessary start of any funding campaign.

Essential Things

Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi

If you’re like me, you are probably tired of reading about the research that says the church is declining.