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How Intergenerational Are You?

So what does a truly intergenerational — or some might call it pan-generational — church look like? 

Theological Worlds

What do a recovering sinner, adventurer, crusader, and orphan have in common? All of them are members of your congregation. 

It’s Time

Two posters hang in my office side by side.

Congregations Make the Big Church

Our confirmands are getting ready.

Violins and hope, part 2

In December, Amistad Chapel UCC went to the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage to view "Violins of Hope," an exhibit of restored violins from the concentration camps of World War II.

In the Times of Trouble …

If you can keep your head when all around you others are losing theirs . . . These words from the first line of Rudyard Kipling 's iconic poem “If” have inspired me since I was in grade school. 

When Numbers Get Messy

I’m not a “numbers” person by nature. 

Dropping the ‘School’ from Sunday School

“Let’s Ditch Sunday School” is the title of a talk I’ve given in various places and in webinars over the last couple of years.

Who is needed to fulfill your mission?

In mid-December, I attended an “Allies for Equality” reception, sponsored by Equality Ohio, honoring the work of Raymond Bobgan, executive artistic director of Cleveland Public Theatre.

Not Funny

I love award shows, but sometimes the host’s jokes just aren’t funny.