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Eat, and Grow Your Vegetables

It's been quite the winter here in Cleveland and throughout much of our nation, but 'now the green blade rises,' even through Holy Week's snow shower! As the snow melts, I find myself looking around my yard and thinking about the vegetable garden.


On the University of Colorado campus in Boulder, there is an inscription on the face of the library that reads, “Who knows only his own generation remains always a child.” As an undergraduate student, I must have passed by that inscription hundreds of times and pondered its meaning.

Finding your 'thin places'

I attended college in northeastern Massachusetts close to beaches and Boston – a place with vibrant falls and verdant springs. There are many beautiful, natural places on and around this campus, but my favorite place was a small jewel of a chapel located in one of the administrative buildings.

So … Where's the Green?

I listened, smiling; taking my own pictures. The pathway also boasted an orchard of plums we would all eat for dessert in every form imaginable over the course of the next week, from cobblers to bread, sauces and jam until we were plum finished with plums.

Will you be my friend? Circle yes or no.

I met my best friend in utero. Our moms were in the same Lamaze class. Over thousands of miles, including stints living in different countries, we have remained best friends.

Don't be a party pooper!

There will be thousands of people crowding the street outside our church this weekend, so we will be canceling worship.

Lent begins [but does not end] with ashes'

In the lobby of our UCC national offices, carefully placed signs read, "Lent begins with ashes: Worship with us Ash Wednesday (and every Wednesday) at 12:15 p.m. The Amistad Chapel."

For the UCC, radical hospitality is the main thing

My recent visit to Hawaii taught me something about radical hospitality.

Questioning the Questions

One of the most important skills of any qualified researcher is an ability to craft good questions. Not just any old questions, but the right questions, at the right time.

Skiing lessons for the church

Skiing lessons for the church