Faith Formation for Families and Children
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Faith Formation for Families and Children

Worship Activity Sheets for Children
New Resources for Children's use in Worship or other educational times.

Ecumenical Children's Curricula
Kids2Kids includes: Journey to Congo VBS

Children's Sabbath
Visit our page dedicated to this year long educational possibility for congregations

Additional resources that you might find helpful

A Bibliography of Children’s Storybooks, related to the Events of September 11th
UCC Youth Page
Disciples of Christ Family & Children's Ministries
Disciples-UCC Kids-to-Kids Mission Project

Materials for reflection and your use

What Matters for Children and Families
Children and Families in Worship: Two Perspectives
Children and Communion Suggested Resources

Contact Info

Ivy Beckwith
Faith Formation Team Leader
700 Prospect Ave
Cleveland, OH 44115