Pentecost -- Ordinary Time -- Service Prayers

A Labor of Care for the Broken

Service Prayers for 15th Sunday after Pentecost

Proper 18 (Inclusive)


Jeremiah 18:1-11       Psalm 139:1-6         Philemon 1-21                Luke 14:25-33


Call To Worship


Leader:             To take the clay of our lives, and shape disciples:

People:            God calls us to the Potter’s House


Leader:             To receive and mend those who are broken from life experiences:

People:            God calls us to the Potter’s House


Leader:             To love and heal those who are wounded from war:

People:            God calls us to the Potter’s House


Leader:             To shelter all who are outcast and heavily burdened:

People:            God calls us to the Potter’s House

Leader:             Let us enter this place of transformation:

People:            And worship our God!




            Oh Great Potter, allow us to enter into your house to worship you. 

            We have come to lay the clay of our lives on your wheel

            so that we might be shaped and fashioned into vessels for your Spirit who

                        will mend those who suffer,

                        heal the sick,

                        and offer the outcast loving shelter.     

            Create in us the spirit to serve those

            who are broken from laboring in life and war. 

            Bless us with a new attitude to serve you and your people. Amen


Call to Confession


Leader:             We have watched those broken from life and war suffer before us.

People:            We confess that you are a God of love and peace


                        Too often we have stood around them without extending a helping hand.

                        We confess that you are a God of love and peace


                        Sometimes we have looked down upon them because they labored in war.

                        We confess that you are a God of love and peace


                        Let us confess:


                        O God, You call us to live in a Just Peace Church,

                        to work for justice for all and to seek pathways to peace

                        so that we may end war’s destruction of human life and of creation.                                        

                        Yet we are part of a war that has gone on for seven years.

                        We have not found the words or the wisdom

                        to guide our leaders into the ways of healing and peace.

                        Forgive us.    

                        O God, you call us to minister to all your children,

                        including soldiers fighting this war, and their families. 

                        We confess that we have not developed ministries

                        to touch those who return from combat broken in mind and soul.

                        Forgive us.


                        Mold us into the people you need

                        to heal returning warriors, military families,

                        and societies battered from the war in the Middle East. 

                        We confess that we need to be put on your wheel,

                        so that we might minister love and healing in your holy name.  Amen.


Assurance of God’s Love 

            God’s word assures us that everything we need

            to be disciples in the Potter’s House. 

            God is able to place us on the wheel and shape us into vessels

            that will serve all people. 

            We can leave this place with the assurance

            that we are being molded daily by the Potter

            and when we come forth we shall love like God.  

            Let us give thanks to the Word of God!


Invitation to Sharing

            It is time to share a portion of our earnings. 

            Let us get excited for God has blessed us

            to make a deposit into the Kingdom. 

            Remember, we can’t beat God’s giving no matter how we try.  

            Let us cheerfully share our gifts, tithes, and free will offerings.


Prayer of Dedication 

            Gracious God we thank you for the opportunity

            to give our time, talent, and treasure

            for the building of your Kingdom on earth. 

            Bless every gift, tithe, and offering that’s deposited into your Kingdom today;  

            we offer this prayer in your mighty name.  Amen



            Now leave this place knowing that all things are possible

            in the Potter’s House!

            Go into the world,

            walk in love,

            share the healing power of God with everyone,

            and allow the peace of God that is beyond all understanding

            keep your hearts and minds in perfect peace.  Amen.


A Labor of Care for the Broken: Service Prayers for the  15th Sunday after Pentecost, was written by LT Leticia Rouser, a chaplain in the United States Navy stationed in Gulfport, MS.Copyright 2010 Local Church Ministries, Congregational Vitality and Discipleship Ministry Team, United Church of Christ, 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH  44115-1100.  Permission granted to reproduce or adapt this material for use in services of worship or church education.  All publishing rights reserved. 






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