Pentecost -- Ordinary Time -- Service Prayers -- Proper 6

Show Great Love:
Service Prayers after Pentecost
Proper 6 (Semincontinuous)

1 Kings 21:1-10, (11-14), 15-21a         Psalm 5:1-8         
Galatians 2:15-21
           Luke 7:36-8:3

Call to Worship (from Psalm 5)

 Leader:     Come, let us worship and bow down in awe of God’s steadfast love for us.

People:    For God gives ear to our words; God listens

                to the sound of our cries.


                Come, let us take refuge in the God of our salvation.

                For God is our shield, our protection in times of trouble.


                Come, let us rejoice and sing for joy!

                For God is surely in this place!  Let us worship God!



                        Loving God, we come to you eager to experience

                        the tender warmth of your embrace. 

                        Help us to set aside any distractions

                        that would keep us from resting in your presence. 

                        Open our ears to hear what you have to say to us. 

                        Open our eyes to see how you are at work among us. 

                        Open our hearts to feel your inspiration and guidance. 

                        Give us the courage to follow you wherever you may lead us. 

                        We offer this prayer in the name of our guide and friend,

                        Jesus the Christ.  Amen.



Prayer of Confession


                        We confess, O God,

                        that there are times when

                        what we want far exceeds what we need. 

                        We often go to great lengths to acquire what we desire. 

                        Like King Ahab, we become resentful and sullen

                        when we don’t get our way.   

                        We are reluctant to acknowledge

                        the consequences of our own actions,                                 

                        ignoring your cries for justice. 

                        Even when we live more simply,

                        we remain tempted to judge what other people do and say. 

                        Our judgments produce labels that we apply with ease,

                        erecting barriers to your grace. 

                        How can we love our neighbors as ourselves

                        with such barriers in place?


Silent Prayer

Assurance of Pardon


                        Sisters and brothers, hear this good news:

                        Forgiveness pours forth from God like tears of joy.                

                        No barrier you erect can obstruct the flow of these healing waters.

                        Receive the gift of God’s forgiveness

                        that you may be restored and filled with peace. 

                        Fully forgiven, you are empowered to show great love.


All:                  Thanks be to God!  Amen.


Invitation to Share  (Luke 7:36-50)

 In our offering today, we remember a woman

who refused to allow social taboos or the risk of judgment

to keep her from showing great love. 

Her faithful act of loving generosity inspires us: 

How might we demonstrate extravagant faith without counting the cost?


Prayer of Dedication

                         Gracious God, we offer our gifts as an act of extravagant faith. 

                        Bless this offering, that it might be a witness

                        to your realm of forgiveness, justice and healing. 

                        May this act of sharing embolden us to show great generosity

                        throughout the coming week. 

                        In your many names we pray, Amen.





                        Go forth from this place responding to the witness

                        of the prophet Elijah and the woman who anointed Jesus:

                                    Name injustice when you see it.  

                                    Speak truth to power when it’s needed. 

                                    Show great love even when it’s very risky. 

                                    Take refuge in God when you get lonely or scared. 

                                                And the abundant, steadfast love of God,

                                                the peace of Christ,

                                                and the joy of the Holy Spirit

                                                go with you today and always.  Amen.




Show Great Love: Service Prayers for the Third Sunday after Pentecost was written by the Rev. Heather A. Moody of the Pilgrim Association of the Massachusetts Conference, who is currently in search of a call.  Rev. Moody is a member of the Executive Council of the United Church of Christ.

Copyright 2010 Local Church Ministries, Congregational Vitality and Discipleship Ministry Team, United Church of Christ, 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH  44115-1100.  Permission granted to reproduce or adapt this material for use in services of worship or church education.  All publishing rights reserved.


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