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Practices of Faith in the United Church of Christ published by the Worship and Education Ministry Team of Local Church Ministries. The pamphlet series covers Confirmation (EP802), Gifts of Ministry (EP803), Healing & Reconciliation (EP804), Baptism (EP800), Marriage(EP805), Mission (EP807), Prayer (EP808), Scripture (EP809), Stewardship (EP810), and Working for Justice (EP811).   Price:$7.50* (*Product code: EP128 for the series)




  United Church of Christ Statement of Faith


Price: $4.50/25*                   Product Code: OCLI04

Moss Version

Price: $4.50/25*                   Product Code: PLLI02


Price: $4.50/25*                   Product Code: WESFO



   Fellowship of Carpenters-Apprentice’s
Manual-Rules of the Trade

This resource is an excellent men’s small group bible study.  Men can find in it an opportunity to grow in faith and love, and be a part of a group that brings them a sense of significance and belonging.
Price:$10.00*   Product code: WEFOC



Men’s Ministry Action Plan
Adapted from Men’s Ministry Plan
Man in the Mirror, INC
Price: $5.00*   Product code: WE301



The Professional Church Educator's Guide: For Educators, Youth Workers and Local Congregations A guide to help educators assess their ministry, seek the appropriate credentialing within the United Church of Christ and to create the tools needed to search for a position in the educational ministry of the local church.  Price: $6.95*    Product code: WE001



Brochure on Expansive and Inclusive Language
Price: $7.00/25*  Product Code: WE101



Letters From my Sisters: Words of wisdom and comfort for women.

 Letters from my Sister: Breast Cancer

Price: $1.50*                   Product code: WE1101

Letters from my Sister: Living with a Brain Disorder

Price: $1.50*                   Product code: WE1703

Letters from my Sister: Gulf Coast Women Survivors

Price: $3.00*                   Product code: WE2006

Letters from my Sister: Reproductive Choice

Price: $3.00*                   Product code: WE2203

Letters from my Sister: Domestic Violence

Price:$3.00*                   Product code: WE2204

Letters from my Sister: Disabilities

Price: $1.50* Product code: WE801



The United Church of Christ Book of Worship will be available on CD. The CD contains two different types of files, PDF (Portable Document File) and RTF (Rich Text File). Two other sets of services have been added to this collection.  One set includes Inclusive Marriage Ceremonies.  These have been adapted from existing services in the Book of Worship, and provide language which may be used for any marriage, regardless of gender.  The second set consists of fourteen Spanish Liturgies that have been published in the Himnario Unido, the United Church of Christ official Spanish Hymnal. The UCC Book of Worship has three editions;

loose-leaf, personal, and CD.

Price: $39.00*  Product Code: WEBWC





Celebrating the Memories: Selected stories about women and the United Church of Christ 1957-2007
Price: $3.00* Product code: WECTM


Worshipping into God's Future
A packet of resources to engage your congregation in conversations about worship. To learn more visit: http://www.ucc.org/worship/worshiping-into-gods-future 
Price: $20.00* Product code: WEWPF



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