Committee on Ministry Toolkit

 The Committee on Ministry Toolkit contains information about the general work of Committees on Ministry and is a useful tool for Committees on Ministry to review as new people join the Committee. MESA is working to update these materials; until then, please note that the sections on Commissioned and Licensed ministers, and the use of “Student-in-Care” are out of date. For the most current information, refer to the 2018 Manual on Ministry.

The Committee on Ministry Toolkit

The COM Toolkit is for use by persons such as Conference and Association staff or others who provide committee leadership and are involved in the training and orientation of Committee on the Ministry members. The Toolkit is also helpful to committee members engaged in individual study in order to gain a more in-depth understanding of committee members’ roles. The purpose of the Toolkit is to:

  • Provide a comprehensive tool for the orientation and training of new and renewing Committee on the Ministry members;
  • Assist committee members in their individual efforts to understand the scope and breath of the ministry they have been called to in and on behalf of the church;
  • Offer an interactive resource that engages participants in a variety of activities to introduce and broaden committee members’ knowledge and understanding of the ministry they are called to perform, in and on behalf of the United Church of Christ.

The Toolkit consists of four key components:

  1. PowerPoint Presentation consisting of 115 color slides with commentary;
  2. Presentation Leader’s Guide for use with the PowerPoint presentation;
  3. Facilitator Resource with detailed information on each of the eight units;
  4. Committee Handouts for each unit.

As you consider the most productive use of this resource with your committee(s), we recommend that you consider using the Committee on the Ministry Toolkit in the following ways:

  • Retreat settings that enable a complete overview of the resource and allow for in-depth committee discussion about the total work of the committee;
  • Regularly scheduled meetings of the com­mittee where you can engage the committee in discussion of one (or more) aspects of the work. The material is arranged in units mak­ing it easier to focus on particular aspects of your work in manageable sessions.
  • Immediate resource in response to questions about any aspect of committee work.

COM Toolkit – The PowerPoint Presentation

COM Toolkit – Presentation Leader’s Guide

Facilitator Resources and Committee Handouts:

     Unit One – Your Ministry
COM Toolkit – Unit One Facilitator Resource
COM Toolkit – Unit One Handout

     Unit Two – Oversight of Authorized Ministry
COM Toolkit – Unit Two Facilitator Resource 
COM Toolkit – Unit Two Handout

     Unit Three – Your Work with Authorized Ministry
COM Toolkit – Unit Three Facilitator Resource 
COM Toolkit – Unit Three Handout

     Unit Four – Ministerial Standing
COM Toolkit – Unit Four Facilitator Resource
COM Toolkit – Unit Four Handout

     Unit Five – Local Church Covenantal Relations
COM Toolkit – Unit Five Facilitator Resource
COM Toolkit – Unit Five Handout

      Unit Six – Organizing Your Work
COM Toolkit – Unit Six Facilitator Resource 
COM Toolkit – Unit Six Handout

     Unit Seven – Resources for the Committee
COM Toolkit – Unit Seven Facilitator Resource
COM Toolkit – Unit Seven Handout

     Unit Eight – The Care and Feeding of Your Committee
COM Toolkit – Unit Eight Facilitator Resource
COM Toolkit – Unit Eight Handout

Supplementary Materials
     COM Toolkit Supplementary Materials – Forms
COM Toolkit Supplementary Materials – Resources

UCC Resources 
     UCC Resources – Formula of Agreement
UCC Resources – Guidelines for Resourcing
UCC Resources – Interim Ministry Guide
UCC Resources – Manual on Church (MOC)
UCC Resources – MOC Discussion
UCC Resources – MOC Feedback
UCC Resources – Manual on Ministry – Table of Contents (MOM)
UCC Resources – MOM Section One
UCC Resources – MOM Section Two
UCC Resources – MOM Section Three
UCC Resources – MOM Section Four
UCC Resources – MOM Section Five 
UCC Resources – MOM Section Six 
UCC Resources – MOM Section Seven
UCC Resources – MOM Section Eight
UCC Resources – MOM Section Nine
UCC Resources – MOM Section Ten
UCC Constitution and Bylaws