Disaster Response and Recovery

 “We change lives with paint, a new floor, spackling, drywall.” Lynn P. Lampman, Havertown, Pa.

UCC Disaster Response and Recovery responds to natural and human caused disasters across the United States and around the world.

Through our volunteers, congregations, Conferences and partnerships, UCC Disaster Response and Recovery seeks to serve the most vulnerable populations that require spiritual, physical, financial and psychological support. In times of domestic disaster, UCC Disaster Response and Recovery provides a platform and facilitation for much of this work while collaborating with and through UCC Conferences and a network of Conference Disaster Coordinators.

Internationally, UCC Disaster Response and Recovery maintains direct relationships and partnerships with organizations and faith communities able to appropriately and effectively respond to emergency and long-term needs.

Key links:

UCC Disaster Response and Recovery 2019 Stories and Highlights (pdf)
Coming Soon: 2020 Highlights

Response to COVID-19 and Other Disasters
Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

Disaster Preparedness Manual for Churches (pdf)

Download: Considerations for Deploying Disaster Recovery Work Site Volunteers Safely During COVID-19 (pdf)

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