Faith Forming Publications & The Pilgrim Press

The team for Faith-Forming Publications and The Pilgrim Press publishes the Stillspeaking Writers’ Group, the Daily Devotional, and The Pilgrim Press.

  • Virginia Fontana, Production Coordinator
  • The Rev. Rachel Hackenberg, Managing Editor & Publisher
  • Kathryn Martin, Licensing Coordinator
  • Georgetta Thomas, Program Assistant

Contact Information for the Daily Devotional:

  • To sign up for the Daily Devotional’s emails, please use the online form on the UCC homepage.
  • To submit writing for potential publication through the Daily Devotional, or to notify the team of technical difficulties with the Daily Devotional, please email dailydevotional (at) ucc (dot) org.

Contact Information for The Pilgrim Press:

  • For questions about submitting a book proposal to The Pilgrim Press, please review the guidelines posted online.
  • To check on orders placed through, please email pilgrim (at) ucc (dot) org.