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Our Church’s Wider Mission in 'plain talk'

Our Church's Wider Mission: Plain Talk

Taking a cue from the popular "in plain English" series of YouTube videos, the United Church of Christ's Our Church's Wider Mission (OCWM) ministry has produced a video that explains church giving with simple language and graphics.

The video debuted at General Synod 27 in Grand Rapids, Mich., and was an immediate hit with viewers.

"Conference ministers were stopping me every 15 minutes at Synod asking 'When can we have that?,'" says the Rev. Jane Heckles, the UCC's minister for OCWM. "They're looking forward to using this video as a means to explain how giving builds partnerships across all settings of the church."

Rather than detail budget allocations, retention and apportionments from Associations to Conferences to covenanted ministries (confused yet?), the "Plain Talk" video tells the story of how church giving at a local level not only helps ones' church, but also the UCC's regional, national and international efforts.

"The 'Plain Talk' video gives us an easy to use, understandable and fun way to explain something many stumble over trying to describe," says Heckles.

Tracy Carnes, the UCC's associate minister for stewardship resources and OCWM promotion, says there is excitement about the video's ability to better explain how church giving fits into the big picture of the UCC's ministries.

"We've received calls from local church pastors, Association ministers and stewardship lay leaders requesting a copy of the video because they feel it explains OCWM in simple and easy to understand terms," says Carnes. "They're delighted that we've put it together."

The video is available to view online, or via free download or DVD shipment from the UCC Resources store.

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