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Weekly Seeds is a weekly email summary of our popular resource for lectionary-based Bible study. It includes next Sunday's Bible reading, a brief meditation, and reflections from ancient or contemporary sources. Each email links to the full version, which you'll also find linked further down this page.  Click the "Signup" button below to subscribe when the form is complete.


Called Together/Call: A Challenge and a Gift

“A comfortable faith, or a gut-wrenching one?”

Listen, God is calling

“Revelation is never simple”

Possibilities Unfolding/Turning Points

Troubled waters and a cracked-open sky

Orientation, Disorientation, Reorientation

“From Egypt, home to Nazareth”

Emmanuel: God With Us

“Unexpected turns in our story.”

Vision of Peace/Hope-Filled Vision

"When natural enemies come together"

Together in Christ

“A world swirling with worldviews”

Hold on to Faith/Praise God

Finding generosity in the most unexpected people

Transforming Love/The Strength of Our Witness

Finding generosity in the most unexpected people

Just Worship/No Distance Too Great

Thinking we know the end of the story