Social Networking for Churches

Social Media Tips for Churches, Pastors, and Lay Leaders [slideshow]
Are you unsure how to start a social media policy for your church, ministerial staff, or lay leaders? This slideshow, from the communications department of the United Church of Christ, will have you ready to run your church’s social media in no time.

Best Practices for Social Media in Churches [pdf]

Using existing ‘social networks’

Use Facebook, MySpace and Twitter and any other networks to spread the word!

Creating a Local Church presence on Facebook

Facebook Fan Page Design
Creating a Facebook Page for Your Church
Is Your Church Social? Part 9: Facebook – Give Your Church A “Face” LiftHere’s a free service that gets it done: and if you can deal with ads:  KickApps (you can pay for an ad free version) Or for a small fee, Ning is always a good option.

Create your own ‘social network’

Create your own ‘social network’ for your church members, ministry, or
youth group. WHAT?  Why have your own network and not use Facebook or
MySpace –after all
lot’s of folks are already on those networks? It is a matter of
connecting to your own group in a special way that doesn’t include a
whole lot of other stuff that divert attention away from the church or
group members getting to know one another better and actually sharing
with one another. Also you can feature church or group activities and
keep everyone informed on stuff that coming up soon.