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Vote Faithfully Sunday

Election Day is fast approaching. We know that our democracy is stronger when all the members of our communities, informed by their passions and life experiences, cast their ballots. In a season when more and more people are withdrawing from engagement in the political process out of a growing sense of cynicism and mistrust, faithful voices are need more than ever!

vote-faithfully-1.pngHelp get out the vote. Observe Vote Faithfully Sunday on November 6th!

As people of faith, we can play a unique role in this election cycle by empowering every voice in our congregations and offering a hope-filled vision of the future for all people. We invite you join with our ecumenical partners in observing the Sunday before Election Day as "Vote Faithfully Sunday." This is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our commitment to the common good, provide our members with the information they need to cast their ballot and prepare to vote as a community.

Download the #VoteFaithfully Toolkit.

This toolkit provides helpful, nonpartisan resources for engaging with your congregation and community on Vote Faithfully Sunday. You are welcome to use and adapt the materials here for use in any Ecumenical setting. It includes:

  • Worship Resources & Prayers
  • Action Steps including a Voter Pledge, Voter Mobilization Tips, FAQs & Election Protection Info

Voting is a commitment we make to each other. In our democracy, it is the vehicle by which we express our love of neighbor. We hope you will join us in working to uplift all the voices in your community on Election Day.

Learn more about the UCC election engagement work through the Our Faith Our Vote campaign.

November 06, 2016 at 8am - November 07, 2016
Sandy Sorensen ·