United Church of Christ

Tuesdays for Nurture: The Power of Boundaries

Boundaries are necessary and are shaped by our lived experience. Whether we set boundaries for our personal limits or for the ways we engage with our work and world, they can be difficult to set and maintain. How have these recent months when we’ve moved online and have constant access affected our boundaries? And how do we shape and hold boundaries that enable us to be as present as possible with each other and with the world?

Join Rev. Dr. Chris Davies, Rev. Tara Barber, and Eleta White, MSW, member of Liberation UCC in Seattle to talk about the Power of Boundaries.

Tuesdays for Nurture is a Tuesday webinars series which we faithfully focus on education for the people of God. Topics from faith-filled politics, to interviews of key leaders, to "how to's" in congregational life, to the impacts of current realities on the life of the church will be featured. Each webinar will include clear suggestions on what YOU can do to change the church, and the world, towards the world God imagines for us. "Tuesdays for Nurture" and "Thursdays for the Soul" are offered by Faith Education, Innovation, and Formation and Justice and Local Church Ministries of the National Setting, United Church of Christ. Live closed captioning is provided.


July 14, 2020 at 3:30pm - 4:30pm EST