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Arizona interfaith prayer service calls for end to criminalization of humanitarian aid to migrants ONAs have more members, fewer closures than other UCC churches, study finds
  • Bonn.jpgOn a daily basis, I interact with one of the most effected populations in the Cleveland area when it comes to climate. In fact, members of this population literally keep me up at night on a regular basis. I am talking about children, of course, and for me, that is a two-year-old named Kylie and a six-year-old named Danalyn. One of the great justice issues of our time is the injustice that is being done to an entire generation, to the children who are in the process of inheriting the world in which we live. My daughters are fairly fortunate. They are not among those suffering from asthma or other pollution related illnesses, but like everyone from their generation, they will have to experience a world that is notably less hospitable than the one in which I grew up. The extent to which that world is going to be more or less hospitable is up to us, and what we do today. 

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