General Synod 28 will be in Tampa, FL - July 1-5, 2011

Twenty-eighth General Synod Registration is now open!

Call to the Twenty-eighth General Synod

December 2, 1010


The United Church of Christ will gather in Tampa, Florida for its Twenty-eighth General Synod, July 1-5, 2011. Please accept my invitation to join us for five days of worship, celebration and education.

Planners for this Synod have made a special effort to celebrate the local church with the hope delegates, guests and other visitors will return home inspired with a myriad of ways to grow their local church. "Imagine What's Possible. God is Still Speaking," is more than the theme for this year's Synod; it will be the heart and soul of the Synod as we meet to envision the future that God holds for the United Church of Christ, the church universal and for the world.

For the third Synod in a row our Saturday will be one of celebration and education. We're calling it "Suncoast Saturday" and it will give Synod-goers a wide choice of speakers and programs for personal growth and tips for nurturing the local church. There will be music, dancing and entertainment and then we'll all come together for a special close to our special day that evening.

There will be uplifting and inspiring worship, and we will elect three new Officers of the Church in Tampa to lead the Church into the future as we "imagine what's possible." There will be a youth program and there will be expanded hours for the always-popular exhibit area. There will be special meals with old friends and new acquaintances.

And, bring the family; bring spouses and partners and bring the kids, too. Folks from the Florida Conference will be operating a child care facility during Synod sessions. Additionally, the Central Florida gulf coast with its many attractions, beautiful beaches and multi-cultural society is perfect for a fun-packed and educational family vacation before or after Synod.

Guest registration opened December 1st. We hope to see you and your family in Tampa, July 1-5 for a wonderful gathering of our beloved United Church of Christ at its Twenty-eighth General Synod. Come join us and "Imagine What's Possible, because indeed, God is Still Speaking!"

Yours in Christ,

The Rev. Geoffrey A. Black
General Minister and President

Twenty-eighth General Synod Registration is now open!

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