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What’s a Good Name for a Church?

I enjoy seeing the names of new churches and ministries: (a)Spire; Advocate; Embody; Living Hope; GAPS – Gatherings, Arts, Praxis, Sabbath; Shift; and Common Ground. No Firsts, or Seconds, or Congregational, or St. Paul’s, or geographical locations.

Church names today speak a hoped-for vision, an invitation to a community with a cause, and a compelling (sometimes intriguing) identity.

A popular name for new ministries and congregations is “Journey.” I did a quick search in our UCC Data Hub and discovered at least eight Journey congregations in the UCC.

Journey is a popular name that speaks to the faith of new generations whose spirituality is nurtured by experiences and relationships on life’s journey. Those of us in older generations often find our spirituality attached to a place or building, but younger disciples find their meaning and faith on the journey.

Our faith forebears were called to journey. God called Abram and Sarai to journey to a land that God would show them. Jesus sent the disciples out two by two to journey to the villages to share God’s realm of peace. St. Paul and the apostles journeyed throughout the Mediterranean world to proclaim the Stillspeaking good news and community of Christ.

What journey is God calling you to go on this Lenten Season?

Join God on the journey, be part of the Journey UCC!

Sparking Ministry Conversation

What name would express your vision for a community of faith, today? What would you name your church?

ssw_daveschoen.jpg About the Author
The Rev. David Schoen coordinates grants for New and Renewing Churches. Dave and his wife, Stella, will be on a journey next week, moving from Akron, Ohio, to their new home on Whidbey Island in Washington.

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