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UCCe-giving free webinar
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Join a tradition that's lasted over 2000 years... the tradition of giving.

But now you can join in a new way.

UCCe-giving is the automated giving program of the United Church of Christ designed to make it easy for givers to give.

4 Ways to give electronically:

  • Direct Debit (ACH) – electronic transfers at only 25¢ per transaction
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Online giving
  • Texting donations


Announcement Flyer 
A flyer to share with the decision makers in your church. It details benefits and basic facts of electronic giving.

So simple to get started:

  • Call UCCe-giving partner, Vanco Services at (800) 774-9355, for a UCCe-giving Startup Packet (includes fee schedule for each service).
  • Get your leaders on board. Complete application forms.
  • Promote UCCe-giving using tips in the Church Guide.
  • Enter givers’ authorizations.*

Enjoy your first electronic funds transfers!

About Vanco Services
Vanco Services, LLC is the financial technology company chosen by the United Church of Christ as a partner in offering UCCe-giving. Vanco's e.service provides secure, cost-effective electronic giving solutions to more than 10,000 churches. Information provided to Vanco Services is kept strictly confidential and is never sold, rented or given away.

*Vanco Services will help you customize an authorization form for givers to sign up. Choose frequencies, categories, and the electronic giving options you will offer your givers.

Call Vanco Services, at 800-774-9355.



So simple to promote:

Church Guide 
Ideas for promoting, sample letter, newsletter article, benefits to givers and church.

Giver's Guide 
Send this brochure to givers to answer their questions. Order ($3.00/50 + s/h) by calling United Church of Christ Resources at 800-537-3394, order online, or download as a printer-friendly flyer.

Giving Card
For placement in pews, small Giving Cards for electronic givers to place in offering plate.  Order ($3.00/50 + s/h) by calling United Church of Christ Resources at 800-537-3394 or order online.



Bulletin inserts 
Two unique inserts to introduce UCCe-giving and answer questions.

Insert 1 – color        Insert 2 – color

Insert 1 – b/w          Insert 2 – b/w


The benefits are tremendous. . .

UCCe-giving benefits your givers. . .

  • Offers a convenient way to give
  • Simplifies making and fulfilling stewardship commitments
  • Strengthens participation in the ministry of the church
  • Gives priority to giving to God
  • Especially helpful for givers who can't be in church each week

UCCe-giving benefits your church. . .

  • Increases contributions
  • Steadies cash flow
  • Reduces borrowing or dipping into reserves
  • Helps forecasting contributions
  • Reduces work for volunteers and office staff
  • Is secure, accurate, efficient

If you have questions, please contact Marianna Dostal, Administrator, Philanthropy Information Services. Call 866-822-8224 ext. 2144, Email: dostalm@ucc.org