Seminarian's Page

Our Seminarians' Page includes a wide range of resources for current and prospective seminarians of the United Church of Christ. Among our features is a complete list of recipients of scholarships for seminary and continuing education administered by the UCC.

Seminarian Connection
A forum for UCC seminarians: share experiences and resources on your journey towards ministry! Moderator is Lynn Bujnak.

Seminaries Related to the United Church of Christ
Here you will find a list of the seminaries related, and historically related, to the United Church of Christ.

Scholarships for Seminarians
Denominational support is made available through the national ministries of the United Church of Christ for those preparing for ministry. Gifts from many generous congregations and individuals committed to the continued vitality of our church have funded these scholarship endowments. This page provides detailed descriptions of available scholarships.  Our Seminary Scholarship Brochure is also available to download.

Scholarship Recipients
UCC seminarians who have been granted scholarships under 14 programs.

Ask the Question 
An interactive, flash-based website designed to assist persons in asking questions of call and vocation. The site includes interviews, FAQ's, a video meditation, Bible studies, forums, and lots of links to helpful information.

Ask the Question: A Resource for Discernment of Call
This booklet can serve as a companion to the "Ask the Question" website, or it can be used on its own. It contains exercises for individuals or groups to explore the question, "How do I know if I'm called to be a minister?" For copies call 1-866-822-8224 X3850.

God Calling - Ministerial Formation in the United Church of Christ [PDF]
This brochure describes the steps of ministerial formation in the UCC and describes the three types of authorized ministry. Copies may be obtained by calling 866.822.8224, ext. 3850.

Covenant of Discernment and Formation - Preparing for Authorized Ministry in the United Church of Christ [PDF]This brochure describes the In Care process and looks briefly at the role of each partner in this stage of preparation and discernment for ordained ministry in the UCC. Copies may be obtained by calling 866.822.8224, ext. 3850.

Specialized Ministry
An increasing number of Members in Discernment and clergy feel called to serve in specialized ministries: from spiritual direction to campus ministry, from hospice chaplaincy to pastoral counseling, from intentional interim ministry to CPE supervision, and many more. Explore further information about Specialized Ministry in Professional Organizations and Specialized Ministry in Government Organizations.

What About Chaplaincy? [PDF]
This document provides information for seminarians and clergy exploring a call to the multi-faceted, specialized ministry of chaplaincy.