Resolution seeks ‘just compensation’ for lay employees

Submitted by the Central Atlantic Conference, the resolution – titled “In Support of Fair and Just Compensation for Lay Employees of the United Church of Christ” – argues that “provision for a worker’s retirement is not a charity, but a just recognition of service given.”

“I think that there ought to be benefits made available for all of our employees without regard to their category or hours that they work,” said Central Atlantic Conference Minister the Rev. John Deckenback. “For the most part, we provide retirement benefits for full-time clergy but we do not provide them for church secretaries, administrators and executive assistants. This seems to me to be a very clear justice. We ought to be fair to all of our employees.”

Despite resolutions passed by both the 12th and 14th General Synods affirming the importance of fair and just compensation, there remains very little participation by the Church’s lay employees in the UCC’s annuity fund.

According to the resolution, a study of more than 1,700 local churches by the UCC Research Department found that while 92 percent of ordained clergy participate in the annuity fund, only 9 percent of the Church’s lay workers “enjoy any level of similar recognition of service.”

“We really ought to look at what is just and right in terms of compensation for all employees,” Deckenback said.

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