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About The Center for Analytics, Research and Development and Data (CARDD)

To gather and provide data and research for ministry transformation.

To empower and champion innovation and change for a just world for all.


CARDD - UCC Mission Vision Alignment

**A card is an item that usually offers the user certain types of information. For example, a playing card possesses a combination of numbers and colors that signifies its role in relation to other cards and the larger game. An index card provides notes for a speech or a recipe to make a hearty meal. The Center for Analytics, Research, Development and Data functions in much the same way-our role is to serve as the UCC's "card" that provides both raw data and applied information to individuals, congregations, and judicatory bodies for a larger purpose.

Staff Overview:

Dr. Erica Dollhopf, Director

  • Provides leadership, vision, and supervision for the center
  • Identifies emerging research and assessment needs within the United Church of Christ national setting and develops an on-going program and strategies to meet those needs; coordinates annual Statistical Reports on the state of the denomination
  • Acts as a research advisor to the UCC Board and Covenanted Ministries
  • Collaborates with relevant entities on selected social science research projects on new and emerging ministry issues, including ecumenical and seminary partners
  • Coordinates with national, conference, association, local church, and other related settings on research and assessment-related issues

Ms. Destiny Hisey, Associate Director

  • Provides centralized oversight of the denominational Data Hub including user management and training
  • Coordinates and oversees continued expansion and implementation of the Data Hub (to include lists and records maintained by national staff, conference/associations, churches, etc.)
  • Convenes a data management working table across all covenanted ministries and related groups
  • Serves as the managing editor of the UCC Yearbook & Directory

Ms. Taylor Russell, Research Specialist

  • Assists with the ongoing development and execution of CARDD's research agenda/schedule, including analysis, report writing, and consultations on surveys and other assessments across all Covenanted Ministries
  • Coordinates the web-based communication and presence for the center, including website and social media accounts
  • Functions as the primary administrator and marketer for Access UCC; monitors the Access UCC email account
  • Collects financial information from conferences and data from various related organizations for Yearbook reporting
  • Updates and produces Yearbook annual reports such as, clergy compensation, "5 for 5" recognition, and Special Offerings

Ms. Rachel Duncan, Administrative and Research Assistant

  • Provides general administrative support and assistance for the center
  • Assists with the oversight and maintenance of the UCC Data Hub through data retrieval and verification
  • Communicates with Conferences and Associations on database issues and responds to general questions
  • Monitors UCC Yearbook email account

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