United Church of Christ

General Synod advocates rally for immigrants, protest threatened ICE raids

More than 500 delegates and visitors to the United Church of Christ General Synod took to the streets of Milwaukee Monday, joining more than 100 local activists in a rally calling for a change in policies that separate immigrant families.

Synod delegates support denomination-wide observance of “Break the Silence” for sexual violence

The United Church of Christ General Synod, meeting this week in Milwaukee, voted overwhelmingly to establish a Break the Silence Sunday observance across the denomination to support victims of sexual violence.

Pilgrimages, projects, prayers urged as 2 U.S. churches focus on Southern Asia

Two U.S. denominations are urging their members and congregations to learn about Southern Asia, pray for its people, connect with churches there on joint projects, and even engage in "people to people pilgrimages."

UCC's General Synod first Christian body to endorse Green New Deal

The national deliberative body of the United Church of Christ on June 24 became the first U.S. Christian body to endorse the Green New Deal, a congressional proposal that lays out a plan for tackling climate change.

Synod votes to engage in conversations over Jesus' call to "Follow me"

General Synod delegates overwhelmingly approved a resolution on Monday, June 24, that calls on local congregations to engage in conversations, within and among themselves, about "the significance of Jesus' call, 'Follow me' in this era," and the ways churches are responding to that call.  

Immigrant family broken in random ICE raid

Betty Rendón was serving as a student pastor at Emaus Evangelical Lutheran Church in Racine, Wis., when her life—and her family's—was turned upside down when her daughter Paula Hincapie Rendón was stopped by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent in an apparently random action. Betty was deported as a result.

Synod OKs replacing 3 Southern New England conferences with 1

Delegates to the United Church of Christ's national meeting on Monday, June 24, overwhelmingly approved a request by its three conferences in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to dissolve and join together to form a new conference.

UCC's 3 Great Loves continues to 2021, with a momentum and a theme song

United Church of Christ congregations and organizations are living out God's love in meaningful ways, as evident at General Synod in shared visible snapshots of their ministries inspired by the 3 Great Loves (3GL) initiative. During plenary Monday morning, the Rev. Dave Sigmund, the UCC 3GL Ambassador, announced that all-church mission initiative will continue through General Synod 2021.

Two United Church of Christ national officers elected Monday morning in Milwaukee

The United Church of Christ reelected its General Minister and President and elected a new Associate General Minister on Monday, June 24, at its General Synod in Milwaukee.

United Church of Christ clergy hold service of blessing at Planned Parenthood

In the wake of new state legislation and Trump administration policies restricting the reproductive rights of women, a group of clergy and lay people attending the United Church of Christ’s General Synod traveled to a Milwaukee Planned Parenthood clinic after worship on Sunday to join its staff in a service of blessing and solidarity.