United Church of Christ

Brief stewardship videos available to function as ‘virtual bulletin inserts’ for online worship

How to encourage generosity and pledges during a pandemic? One answer: four new video testimonials now available on the UCC YouTube channel. 

Additional buy racks up more medical debt relief in California

Nine UCC congregations in Northern California were able to eliminate a lot more medical debt than first thought, with a second buy whose impact totaled almost $2 million.

Report to the church from the United Church of Christ Board, October 2020

The United Church of Christ Board gives a report to the church on its Oct. 3-4 meeting.

Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Sunday

Leaders of the UCC’s Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization (MESA) Ministry Team urge congregations to show extra appreciation for pastors during these unprecedented times. 

UCC officers offer prayers for president, family and staff after coronavirus diagnosis

The United Church of Christ National Officers offer a prayer for the president, his family and staff after their coronavirus diagnosis. 

By the People

For Palestine’s sake, pass up Pillsbury products, UCC advocates urge

United Church of Christ advocates for partners in Palestine, who object to illegal Israeli settlements there, are calling for a boycott of Pillsbury. The company has a manufacturing plant in occupied East Jerusalem. 

Deadline extended to Oct. 31 for nominees for Synod moderator, assistant moderator

People who want to submit nominations for moderator and assistant moderator of the General Synod of the United Church of Christ now have an added month to do so.

Sacred Ally Quilts visibly underscore anti-racism work in New Hampshire

Nine United Church of Christ congregations in New Hampshire collaborated to create a project to “prove that racism is not the only reality.” Through a series of quilts that display the last words of George Floyd, they offer a graphic reminder of the need for racial justice.

General Synod 2021 working group creating first virtual experience for July 11-18

How will the United Church of Christ National Setting program a virtual General Synod with moving worship, interesting workshops, educational intensives, church business, youth programming and service projects? There are working groups for that.