United Church of Christ

UCC, Disciples partner to bring clean water, justice to Flint, Mich.

As the potable water crisis in Flint, Mich., deepens, two Christian denominations are partnering to provide solutions.

Why I Protest

The deaths of young African Americans at the hands of police have escalated the conversation about racial discrimination in this country. The Rev. Traci Blackmon, acting executive minister of UCC Justice and Witness Ministries, noted civil rights leader, gifted preacher, pastor and teacher, delivers an extremely powerful message in this call for justice for all the children of God.

UCC leaders support Episcopal Church in solidarity, prayer, love after censure by Anglican Communion

In response to a vote by the Anglican Communion, suspending the Episcopal Church from voting and decision-making for a period of three years, the national leaders of the United Church of Christ released a statement of support for the American denomination.

'Why I Protest' coming soon

The deaths of young African Americans at the hands of police have escalated the conversation about racial discrimination in this country. The voice of the United Church of Christ, which has been prominent in the conversation, is about to get louder. Plan to be part of first multimedia campaign of 2016 tied to the church’s core mission. 

UCC churches offer sanctuary from January immigration raids

United Church of Christ pastors from Arizona and California to Minnesota are encouraging others in the faith community to shield families that are at-risk for deportation.

NYE attendees urged to skip haircuts for Locks of Love

There's one New Year's resolution that coordinators of the 2016 National Youth Event are suggesting to the young people and their chaperones who are planning to attend the National Youth Event this summer–skip your regular haircuts, grow your hair until the gathering, and donate on-site to Locks of Love.

UCC leaders applaud Obama's efforts to curb gun violence

After the announcement on Tuesday, Jan. 4, by President Barack Obama that his administration would implement several measures intended to curb gun violence, United Church of Christ leaders are applauding his effort to take action when Congress would not.

UCC scholarship and grant process begins January 1

Each year, the United Church of Christ’s Office of Philanthropy and Stewardship selects recipients for 29 different scholarships and grants available that help undergraduates, seminarians and social justice groups pay the cost of their education. 

Solidarity and friendship between Christians and Muslims at Christmas

UCC churches in Illinois and Missouri marked the celebration of the birth of Jesus by living into his commandment to love our neighbor.

UCC minister chosen N.Y. Times 'New Yorker of the Year'

What a birthday present! A UCC minister in Brooklyn has been named The New York Times 2015 "New Yorker of the Year." Chosen by the readers, the Rev. Ann Kansfield won the inaugural award by a landslide.