United Church of Christ

Cleveland congregation helps give voice to voters through registration drive

As Democrats and Republicans debate the winner of the first presidential debate, UCC churches continue to work to make sure every voice is heard in the November election.

UCC advocates celebrate end of 52-year Colombian conflict

The last armed conflict in South America is finally over after five decades, more than 200,000 lives lost and 5 million people displaced. The United Church of Christ has spent two decades calling and working for an end to the violence in Colombia, and today church advocates share with the people of that country the joy of a peace agreement.

UCC leaders express outrage at recent police shootings of black men

Two families are mourning the loss of black men at the hands of police after a pair of deadly shootings within the last week in North Carolina and Oklahoma. United Church of Christ leaders in those states say the church and the nation must refuse to continue living in a climate where injustice is the norm.


Commentary: "What does the Lord require of you?"

I believe it is important to realize that we are all bystanders in this moment in history regarding sexuality issues in our society and our world.

Video outlines resolution process for General Synod 2017

Ahead of General Synod 2017 in Baltimore — and in preparation for the next groundbreaking resolution from the church — the General Synod administration team has put together a brief, explanatory video guide that outlines how to submit a resolution for consideration by Synod delegates.

New Jersey church to share model for intergenerational faith building

Any opportunity to bring people of all ages together is an opportunity to enrich the life of a church. That strong belief by United Church of Christ minister the Rev. Julie Yarborough is part of what fuels the intergenerational relationships that are formed at Christ Church's annual retreat. This month, the UCC Faith Formation Ministry team is looking to the New Jersey congregation’s annual All Church gathering as a model for other congregations seeking to forge important faith-forming, cross-generational relationships.

Worldwide churches gather to focus advocacy efforts on Israel-Palestine

At a National and World Council of Churches consultation, participants assessed the role that churches have played in the struggle for peace the Middle East, and repeated their call to the Israeli government to end its occupation of the Palestinian territories, calling for the United States to adopt a neutral position in hopes that Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace as equals.

We Stand With Love messaging launched as alternative to divisive campaign rhetoric

Sick and tired of the mudslinging ads in this election, and the hate speech that has taken over the 2016 political campaigns? Join the 'We Stand With Love' messaging movement.

Commentary: What Do You Want Me To Do For You? (Mark 10:46-52)

In the gospel of Mark, we read the story of Jesus' encounter with a man who had lost his ability to see.

Standing Rock citizens, allies standing firm against DAPL as court battle continues

"Our water protectors are not leaving this land until they know that black snake is dead."

The Native people of more than 100 sovereign nations, and their spiritual and environmental allies, are standing firm in their resolve to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.