United Church of Christ

Commentary: Thanksgiving or Thanks-taking?

A Native American speaker I heard recently suggested the day should be called Thanks-taking, for Native American land and identity continues to be stolen.

Renewed Pennsylvania Congregation renovates parsonage to welcome refugees

Pennsylvania church members  renovating a vacant parsonage to welcome refugee families  find themselves renewed in the process.

Commentary: In the Face of Water Cannons, a Thanksgiving Appeal

As a part of our nation's civil religion, Thanksgiving comes with its own set of feel-good mythologies and symbols. Heartwarming, romantic images of Native Americans and Europeans sharing a meal together, however, not only negate a violent history, they also negate a current reality that is far from appetizing. For many of us, that unappetizing reality confronted us Sunday night and Monday morning.

UCC minister's son part of youth climate change lawsuit against federal government

The son of a United Church of Christ minster in Oregon, along with a group of young climate activists, is preparing for a trial against the U.S. government in hopes of protecting future generations from the effects of greenhouse gasses and climate change.

Chicago area convoy taking winter gear to Standing Rock water protectors

A convoy of church folk from the west suburbs of Chicago is heading up to North Dakota with a cargo van loaded with supplies to help the water protectors at the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation brave the upcoming winter.

Stand with Standing Rock by Listening First, Acting Second

The water protectors at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation who want to stop the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline value ally support—but they also hope allies will listen for guidance when they show up.

Best-selling author and blogger and environmental leader will speak at General Synod 2017

Glennon Doyle Melton, a New York Times best-selling writer and speaker, and Aaron Mair, president of the Sierra Club, and will address the biennial gathering scheduled in Baltimore in 2017.

Commentary: Whose Side is God On?

God is on the side of Righteousness, of Justice. Always. It is we who must decide daily to reject our captains, the gods of our own elevation, and fight on the side of God.

After election, faith groups still strive to create ‘Beloved Community'

In the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election, faith communities are carrying the mantle this week in a continuing effort to create the "Beloved Community" through a series of rallies calling for healing throughout a divided nation.

Post-election response draws people to worship

On Sunday, the first since Donald Trump was elected the next president of the United States, UCC clergy from Asheville N.C. to Tucson, Ariz., and Brooklyn, N.Y. noted more people in the pews during worship.