United Church of Christ

UCC Board moves forward on amendments to constitution and bylaws

As part of a continuing commitment to review and discuss alterations to the Constitution and Bylaws of the United Church of Christ before General Synod 2017, the UCC Board of directors supports drafting proposed amendments that would more clearly define the lines of responsibility, accountability and authority within the national leadership of the denomination.

UCC Board approves third straight balanced budget

For the third consecutive year, the national setting of the United Church of Christ will operate on a balanced budget in 2017 and continue to uphold a commitment to fiscal responsibility, firmly moving past years of overspending beyond its means.

General Synod preachers selected, registration opens Dec. 5

Ten months remain until the 31st General Synod of the United Church of Christ in Baltimore, and organizers are diligently ramping up preparations for the event. A worship team of four preachers has been selected and two theological reflectors have been invited to take the plenary stage to provide the spiritual components for the five-day gathering from June 30 to July 4.

2017 General Synod exhibit hall spaces, optional dining events now available

One of the favorite ways to reconnect with old friends and make new ones during each General Synod has been through the optional dining events. To continue that favored pastime, General Synod administrators are inviting those interested settings of the church to host a meal during the 31st General Synod of the United Church of Christ next summer in Baltimore.

Wisconsin Conference will host 2019 General Synod in Milwaukee

The United Church of Christ will get a taste of cheese, brats and beers during the 32nd General Synod in 2019. The Wisconsin Conference UCC was enthusiastic in its invitation to Milwaukee, offering to host the denomination's biennial gathering, which the UCC Board of Directors unanimously accepted Thursday, Oct. 20, as part of business during the fall meeting. 

Commentary: The End is Nigh! (But it's not November 8th)

I admit that over the past few months, I have swung drastically between hysteria and malaise in response to this year's election.

UCC minister appointed national LGBTQ Task Force faith director

A former church pastor in the United Church of Christ has accepted the call to advance the causes of freedom and equality for LGBTQ people, as Naomi Leapheart was appointed as the faith work director for the National LGBTQ Task Force.

Interest in connection with Cuba growing around the UCC

An affinity with Cuba and the Cuban people is growing in the UCC, evidenced by interest in the Cuba Study Seminar, a possible General Synod resolution and an upcoming initiative focusing on the Caribbean.

United Church of Christ, United Church of Canada tell baseball fans 'Just Call Them Cleveland'

A pair of North American Christian denominations, the United Church of Christ and the United Church of Canada, are calling on baseball fans to support the cause of justice and reconciliation for Native peoples — and push the Cleveland baseball team to finally change its name and logo.

Traci Blackmon to Parker Lecture: 'Media must place context within narrative'

If the mainstream media is to live up to its role in working for social justice, then it has an obligation to report the historical context that is relevant to the narrative of the stories — especially the narratives of racial justice — the journalists are covering.